– My BLOG is where I can showcase my feelings, ideas, and thoughts. I find that one of the ways I best express myself is through writing. Over the years I have written over 100 blogs on relationships, life, love, dating, poetry, spiritual beliefs, and there will even be some blogs just journalizing my life. I hope you smile or get inspired by reading them, and feel free to comment.

– DesignByJason Photography is where I showcase some of my professional pics that I have taken and edited. I am a professional photographer doing a majority of business in greater Baton Rouge, LA. Feel free to comment on any of the pics.

DesignByJason Graphic Design is where I showcase some images I have created and any websites I have built, edited, or manage. I design websites and graphics. If you interested and need a professional flyer, infographic, or want to discuss some work, contact me. Leave a comment or email me @ jasonperry00@hotmail.com.


– As of right now I am currently doing contract work for my brother’s film company, PerryEvansFilms. If you are  in need of videography for a wedding, event, or film, please go to their website.