Jason’s Journal

Follow Your Heart

Everyone is on their own journey in life. My journey is different than your journey. I feel that it’s every person’s calling to find and understand their purpose in life. To answer the question, “Why was I born?” as well any other life questions that shape your identity and get you one step closer to finding your Destiny.

My name is Jason… and this is my journal.

I find peace in writing, and I showcase many of my feelings and opinions on my blog. Over the years I have written over 100 blogs on relationships, life, love, dating, poetry, spiritual beliefs, and there will even be some random blogs as I just give my perspective on life. I hope you smile or get inspired by reading a blog :).

Though the main purpose of this website is to promote my blogs, I also promote my work in photography and graphic design. I have many people who comment on my blog posts, but if you would like to contact me directly regarding any personal or business concerns, please go to the Contact page.

– Be blessed –